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04/07/2024 · News

Dinosaur discovery at Valeswood Rd

Here at Blossom Years Valeswood, our month of June was filled with awe and wonder. The children were showing interest in dinosaurs, so we experimented with creating environments for them in the garden. The class discussed what noises a dinosaur would make and what food they would eat. The children then created stories about the lives of our dinosaurs; volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and extreme flooding were just some of the natural disasters our dinosaurs had to brave, alongside the everyday dangers of being eaten! This activity inspired our imaginations further and we then explored the same scenarios with our wild animals where we created mountains, jungles and grasslands and set off for our adventures throughout the animal kingdom.

We also have been exploring gross motor moving in preparation to warm up for Sport’s Day. The children helped to co-construct various assault courses to experiment with travelling in different ways. The children were curious to find out how to increase speed as we used round objects to roll down funnels and ramps. We later challenged our class to practice balancing and travelling round obstacle courses and climbing frames.