Blossom Years Children's Nurseries & Pre-Schools

05/07/2024 · News

Sports Day at Valeswood Rd

Today at Blossom Years Valeswood Rd the children – and the parents – took part in our annual Sports Day event. The children have been practicing three races and expertly displayed their efforts on the big day. The parents and other children cheered each other on as the class ran a balancing race, egg & spoon race and a short distance sprint in the finale. As the spectators observed the children collecting their medals of achievement, the parents and families had become so excited they could hardly contain their competitiveness so we hosted an impromptu parents race! All participants received a gold medal for effort, however the children remained the overall champions. After our hard work we cooled down with refreshments, biscuits and fruit as well socialised with our Valeswood community. Go Valeswood!