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29/09/2017 · News

Stag Beetles and Stickman

Stag Beetles !!!
Today we found something very exciting, we were removing an old rotting tree stump from our garden and found some Stag Beetle Larvae inside. We put them safely in a pot and the children looked at them in circle time, looking at some pictures of what they look like when they become Stag Beetles. We spoke about how we must look after them and we dug a new hole and buried them with some of the tree stump so they could continue to grow. The children put some leaves in the hole for them to eat.
The next day we had some pictures of Stag beetles and Larvae to colour and decorate.

Stickman theme
We had some Maths work following our theme of stickman, the children had to look at the stickman numbers and use a stick to copy the number in the soil. They children enjoyed mark making in the soil and used their number recognition skills to name and write the numbers. The children have also ordered sticks into length and matched the right number of sticks to the numeral.