Blossom Years Children's Nurseries & Pre-Schools

12/12/2022 · News


In the event of extreme weather (snow, storm, etc), our nurseries and pre-schools will normally remain open unless to do so would endanger the safety of the children, parents or staff. The decision whether to close will be taken by 6.45am each day by the Directors.

We will publish information by 7:00 am on our website about closure or amended arrangements for nursery/pre-school opening.

During the day, should the weather deteriorate to the extent that sessions need to be suspended, parents will be informed via text or email and an announcement will be posted on the website in the updates section. We ask parents to be mindful of our closing times and take into consideration their arrangements and travel times, given the conditions, to ensure children are collected on time.

In the event of severe weather disruption, staff who are able to come into work safely should endeavour to do so. Staff who are unable to travel safely should notify their director and line manager. The normal timetable may need to be suspended. In the event of staff shortages, we will contact all available off duty staff and/or agency staff and group the children differently until they are able to arrive. If we are unable to maintain statutory ratio requirements after all avenues are explored, we will contact Ofsted to inform them of this issue, recording all details in our incident file. If we feel the safety, health or welfare of the children is compromised, then we will take the decision to close the setting.

At such times, when our nurseries/pre-schools remain open, but parents decide that their child will not be attending they should inform the nursery/pre-school manager by email or telephone before the start of the session to advise that their child will not be attending.

Setting Telephone Number Email:

  • Imperial Way Day Nursery 0208 295 2137 / 07534 094401
  • Winlaton Road Day Nursery 07948 549 185
  • Nightingale Lane Pre-School 07760 891 837
  • St Mary’s Pre-School 07594 417 980
  • Valeswood Pre-School 07498 549 538

Please ensure that children wear suitable and appropriate clothing and footwear during these times.
We will not take children outdoors where we judge that weather conditions make it unsafe to do so.

Kind Regards

The Blossom Years Team