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27/03/2018 · News

Easter Crafts and Egg Hunt

Easter Crafts

The children have been very busy using various different materials to make lots of crafts this Easter, they have made salt Dough Rabbits, Play dough chicks – using feathers, googly eyes, play dough and paper, hand print chick pictures sitting on straw. The children talked about the animals that they were making and where they lived.

Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of children took part in our Easter Egg hunt. The week before try all decorated their own basket ready for the hunt. They completed a course where they had to find chicks in straw, rabbits in sawdust, balance on logs, go down the slide, look for letters of their name,find eggs in the sand jump in the hoops and crawl through the tunnel and the Easter bunny also brought an egg at the end for the children.