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17/12/2022 · News

Festive Forest School at Imperial

At Imperial, the Preschoolers had a busy Forest School session! Lea, our Forest School leader, made a Christmas tree using pallets, so we decided to make some decorations to put on it. We made a very special decoration using cardboard, metal cable and fire. We used metal wire and wrapped it around cardboard, placing it on the fire and as the cardboard burned, it left the metal cable in the shape of a Christmas tree!

During our busy morning, we stopped for a nice warm juice to warm up our insides as it was quite cold outside! Even the staff had some too! We also managed to see some horses today on the field- the children gave them names and made noises to attract the horses. We are also very excited to plant our new Christmas tree and watch it grow in the new year- we named our tree Nicholas!