Blossom Years Children's Nurseries & Pre-Schools

07/06/2020 · News

Future place availability

All our settings are ready to open on Monday and we are confident we have prepared to the best of our ability. They have been thoroughly cleaned, certain equipment removed, layouts re arranged and so forth, and staff have been briefed on operational plans to cope with the preventative measures and guidelines we will be following. This is new for all of us so please be patient if you are enquiring about a future place, we will respond to you as soon nas possible. June will be new experience for all of us, parents included, and we will be reviewing daily how things go and adapt as necessary.

All available June places have been confirmed with current parents, and all are within group size guidelines. Our July numbers are at a comfortable maximum and we will not be able to take on any more returning children until measures are relaxed even more by the government. Furthermore, we must be mindful that the new NHS Test, Track and Trace could also force early years providers to close their doors at any time if there is a localised Covid-19 outbreak.

Looking ahead to September, the early years sector usually falls in line with school directives and judging by current news reports, primary and secondary schools will not be returning in full force after the summer break. Only on the ‘new normal’ basis. So, we will either have a small number of places available or be unable to welcome new start children until measures have been relaxed.

Please enquire for further information. Thank you.