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23/05/2017 · News

Gardening and Frogs

Our lovely garden at Nightingale Lane pre-school:

We have been busy getting a new planting and growing area ready. The children helped to plant the Herbs, vegetables and flowers. We recycled some old wellies by making them into little plant pots. We thought about what we need to do to look after the plants and the children really enjoyed smelling all the different herbs and thinking about what the vegetables will look like once they are grown. We all then helped to tidy up and water the plants.

We hope that when our fruit and veg grows we maybe able to eat some for snack.

Our tadpoles are now frogs! They have grown so much with the children regularly feeding them and helping to clean them out, some children even like to hold them. We are going to have to say goodbye to some of them soon as they are growing too big to keep them all here.