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29/09/2017 · News

Outdoor learning with Forest School

This autumn term we have been introducing Forest School sessions for our children aged from 3 years old.

Forest School is a unique approach to learning, allowing children the time and freedom to explore and direct their own learning. We create a safe space where children can grow, gaining confidence and greater self-esteem over time.

Forest School operates across the seasons immersing children in an ever changing natural landscape.  Some of the activities we have planned include:-

  • Looking for insects, learning how to identify them, counting legs, comparing colours and thinking about their habitats.
  • Hunting for and finding sticks and using our imaginations creating nests, structures, magic wands etc.
  • We will explore stories and how they come alive in the outdoors and most importantly we will be having a lot of fun and free play outside!
  • Learning about basic construction, tripods and shelters.
  • Honing our senses to look and listening closely to all the natural sights and sounds around us.