Blossom Years Children's Nurseries & Pre-Schools

07/06/2017 · News

Recycling, binoculars and all about me.

Photo 1

We encourage to talk about themselves so we send an all about me box home and fill it with things that are about them such as photos and toy. At circle time the children will talk about their these and their home life. Doing this encourages communication and speech development, and if a child is particularly shy we will encourage them to talk in a group.

Photo 2

We like to encourage the children to learn about their environment and the children really enjoy looking for bugs. We are very lucky as we have some really cool see and speak binoculars which the children are able to look for insects with but also record their voices and listen back to what they have heard, so they can share with friends later at circle time.

Photo 3

We like to take the children on small trips, In this photo you will see we took a trip to the recycle bank. We talked to the children before going, asking them questions about why we recycle. The children really enjoyed this and we encourage involvement from parents and thank those that volunteered to join us.