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23/03/2021 · News

Science Week

Day 1 – Static electricity

We have started “Science Week” with an activity learning about static electricity, the children learn’t how to make a balloon stick to the wall and make their hair stand up on end, it was great fun”

Day 2 – Observing how a flower blooms

The children have been observing a folded paper flower in liquid and seeing what happens, we saw how a flower blooms, we watched and predicted what would happen, the paper flower opened!!

We have been exploring Life Cycles as part of our Science week investigations, we have been lucky enough to be given some Frog Spawn form a teachers daddy, we have completed an activity today , looking at and exploring and predicting the changes that are going to take place.

Day 3 – Dancing Raisins

Today we have been doing the Dancing Raisins experiment, adding Raisins to Fizzy water, we have learnt new words such as Fizzy, Fizzing, Bubbly,Jumping, Sinking , Up and Down
dense, floatation.

We discovered that the water releases carbon dioxide bubbles that attaches to the rough surface of the raisin acting as a flotation device causing them to float”

Day 4 – Exploding Volcanos

Today we have been looking at how Volcanos explode and how the gasses build up, we used a bottle of Coke and Mento’s to wait and watch and predict the explosion”

Day 5 – Skittles Rainbows

The children put some skittles on a plate in a circle , we then added water and observed what happened, we discussed favourite colours, what colour was the brightest, and we sang a Rainbow song – we have had a great Science Week, and maybe produced some future scientists!!”