Blossom Years Children's Nurseries & Pre-Schools

03/08/2023 · News

Tuff tray inspiration!

At Blossom Years, we strive to provide as many learning opportunities to the children as possible! Tuff trays are a great way to set activities up, which support a child’s learning. Here are just a few great tuff tray set ups…

-Fire station, foam and paint- the children get to explore different textures through the foam and paint, whilst also exploring their interests and encouraging conversation about jobs in our community. 

-Shape sorting- providing bowls for the children to sort the shapes, challenges a child’s shape knowledge and identification of shapes. Pinchers are also provided, encouraging the children to use their fine motor skills to pick up the shapes and put them in the bowls. 

-Sensory zoo- this targets the children’s interests of animals, but also provides children with a way to explore new textures. 

-Cutting tray- children get to use their fine motor skills to cut out pictures/ make snips in paper and encourage their creativity and coordination. 

We hope these tuff tray activities helped as inspiration!